Below are helpful resources on funeral planning and progressive end-of-life thought:

Shroud Patterns (and much, much more)

CINDEA (Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives) was created to support personal choice and meaningful alternatives, and the sustainability of the planet, throughout all of the facets of the pan-death process. It advocates for Death Midwifery, home funerals, green burials, etc. —including designs for green-burial-approved shrouds.

Cemeteries Accepting Shrouded Burials

The Green Burial Council provides a searchable list of U.S. cemeteries accepting shrouded burials, as well as educational and advocacy materials for green burials.

Shrouded and Home Funeral Resources

The National Home Funeral Alliance offers an amazing wealth of information on home and shrouded funerals.


Piedmont Pine Coffins builds simple and sustainable pine coffins and trundles using traditional hand tools. NC-area folks, be sure to check out area resources on their Green Burial page!

Eco-friendly NYC Funeral Director and Celebrant

Amy Cunningham is an expert in all aspects of funeral planning, as well as the greening of the funeral business. She's provided a thoughtful consideration of the importance of green cemeteries—as well as a list of the best ones in NY, PA, NJ, and CT—here.

Progressive Green Burial Ideas

The Urban Death Project utilizes the process of composting to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil-building material, creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological urban alternative to existing options for the disposal of the dead.